Welcome to my website. Since 2006 I have been working as a Dutch independent institutional and legal expert in the policy fields of water resources and sustainable energy. My current activities are based on extensive experience in the research sector as lecturer and researcher at the Technical University of Delft (1974-1984) and in the public sector as legal expert, managing director, and water governance adviser at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (1985-2005).

I work in national and international contexts. In the Netherlands I focus on advising on institutional and legal aspects of new developments in the fields of water resources management and sustainable energy (aquifer thermal energy storage and geothermal energy). My international activities focus on technical assistance for the modernization of water legislation in Asian countries. During the period 2002-2011 these activities were carried out in Indonesia under the umbrella of a Dutch and from 2006 World Bank funded supporting project. In 2013 the scope of my activities was widened to include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and (since 2015) Nepal and Sri Lanka under a mainly Asian Development Bank funded project to support national water legislation in South Asia and Southeast Asia.