1. Publications – The Netherlands

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During my scientific work at the Technical University of Delft (1974-1984), my institutional and legal work at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (1985-2005, and my work as freelancer (2006 until now) I participated frequently in the public debate about water governance issues by giving lectures, presentations and writing papers.

This part of the website offers an overview of my publications. The topics of the publications have a broad scope. Many deal with the question of how to improve the decision making process about infrastructure development (waterways, dikes, seaports, sand mining, highways, railways, power pylons, airports, etc.). Other publications deal more substantially with strengthening the institutional and legal framework of water resources. Since 2006 the scope of my activities widened to include sustainable energy, in particular aquifer thermal energy storage and deep geothermal energy. The application of these types of sustainable energy grew fast during the last decade. This requires a proper legal framework, which was not available in the beginning.

2. Publications – Indonesia

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Since 2002 I have been assisting the Indonesian Government with the modernization of its water legislation, especially the preparation of the different government regulations, that had to be established based on the new Water Act of 2004. The reports about the assistance activities are in a separate overview of publications.

3. Publications – other countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia

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Since 2013 the scope of my assistance activities has been widened to include other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, like Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar. The reports about the assistance activities in these (and other)countries are in a separate overview of publications.

4. Publications – Africa

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Since 2015 the scope of my technical assistance activities has been widened to include some countries in Africa.